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Employment Development Program: These Seminars are custom written by M&M Consulting, and designed for individuals who are developing a Career. All are invited to attend, whether you have worked before, or have recently graduated from College. These Seminars are of most interest to individuals who are either in need of Employment, changing their career path, or wish to update their current Business Impression.

Please contact M&M Consulting for pricing and availability.

"Steps to a Successful Update of a Corporate Business Impression"

These Seminars are developed for individuals who are currently Employed and/or individuals pursuing new employment & wish to update their current Business Impression. *Additional Custom Seminars can be added as requested.

*All Seminars, and accompanying Documentation and Training Manuals hereby are the Property of M&M Consulting, and no Reproduction of materials, nor Recording of Seminars without the written consent of the Author is permitted. M&M Consulting is the only Instructor to offer these Custom Seminars, and no substitute will be permitted.

All Computer Training Manuals and Materials are originally Licensed 2003 to M&M Consulting, and may not be reproduced. M&M Consulting reserves the right to make changes to Seminar Topics, as requested. This Proposed list may not be altered by the receiving party, and M&M Consulting will retain an archived copy.

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