Our Mission

M&M Consulting was founded primarily to assist OEMs, Primary Contractors, and all Manufacturers that are in support of our U.S. Military and Government Agencies. Originally formed as a result of many years offering Component Engineering Consulting, our Services have grown with the need for our U.S. Military to protect and defend our country.

Whether you are a Manufacturer of: Engines, Aircraft, Armored Vehicles, Component Electronics, Nuclear Warfare Gear, Power Supplies, Sub-Assemblies, RF Filters, Cable Assemblies, Printed Circuit Boards, or Munitions. No matter what you make in support of them, M&M Consulting is there, in support of you.

Our Mission is to support the Manufacturers who: strive for perfection and dependability, truly understand the concept of mission critical, believe that failure is not an option, and keep America strong and free.

At M&M Consulting: "Your mission and Their mission, is Our mission".