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"B2B" Applications:

The following is a list of Business Seminars available to Businesses from M&M Consulting.These Seminars usually run in 2-Hour time slots. The overall theme of the Seminars is entitled: “Steps to a Successful Business Impression.” Each Seminar is customized for the company and written with the students in mind. Seminars are offered to both On-site and Off-site applications. Students will receive a Work-booklet that they will write in, and participate with during the Seminar. These Business Seminars are interactive, in the way that Students are encouraged to raise their hand with questions, and participate in discussions when invited to do so by the Instructor.

Please contact M&M Consulting for pricing and availability.

Custom Corporate Business Seminars: These On or Off-Site Seminars are especially developed by M&M Consulting for the Corporate Employees who wish to update their current Business Impression. The Company will send groups of Employees at scheduled dates. The Seminars are specific to the Company’s Products & Services, and the Employee’s requirements.(Lead times will need to be accommmodated so that the Company may be researched, Seminars developed, and Student Manuals printed)

Additional Seminars, for those Companies that employ Individuals in the following Fields: Sales, Customer Service, Secretarial/Administrative, etc.:

*All Seminars, and accompanying Documentation and Training Manuals hereby are the Property of M&M Consulting, and no Reproduction of materials, nor Recording of Seminars without the written consent of the Author is permitted. M&M Consulting is the only Instructor to offer these Custom Seminars, and no substitute will be permitted.

All Computer Training Manuals and Materials are originally Licensed 2003-present to M&M Consulting, and may not be reproduced. M&M Consulting reserves the right to make changes to Seminar Topics, as requested. This Proposed list may not be altered by the receiving party, and M&M Consulting will retain an archived copy.

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Business Seminars: