M&M Consulting is a Service Company Offering Primarily:

M&M Consulting offers more than 20 years of valuable experience serving the:
U.S. Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy and Government Agencies that work primarily, but not limited to, the Electronics & Aerospace Industries. M&M Consulting began in 1996 as Component Engineering Consultants located at that time in downstate New York, and serving Rockland County and northern New Jersey Areas.

M&M Consulting is dedicated to supporting OEMs, CMs and the Primary Contractors with their missions, by working diligently with all branches of the U.S. Military in all capacities of the Aerospace, Microelectronics, Semiconductor, RF & MW Industries to name a few. M&M Consulting has worked tirelessly and has developed Strategic Partners so that you will receive the most trusted Test, Repair, and Engineering for a wide range of electronic devices.

As such, M&M Consulting has been providing valuable services for OEMs of Power Supplies, RF Amplifiers and Filters, Sub-assemblies, Monitors, Sensors, and VME products has enabled M&M Consulting to have a unique understanding of your applications and requirements. We can create new BOMs, research parts, and Reverse Engineering through our Strategic Partners. These Partners share our passion for providing Services for: Test Engineering, Test Fixture Development, Reverse Engineering, BOM Re-structures, Design Services, Manufacturing Engineering, and Component Engineering.

The M&M Consulting NDA Statement

M&M Consulting works under a self-imposed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that states the following:

At no time within the present or future will M&M Consulting discuss one client with another, nor any of their products, nor information, nor even name one client to another. All corporate data remains the property of that company, and is thus treated as Proprietary. At no time within the present or future, will M&M Consulting work for, nor represent at the same time under any form of written contract, any Company or Manufacturer that is considered a competitor with the other.

M&M Consulting will be very pleased to evaluate any corporate NDA that you wish us to consider, so that we might do business together.

M&M Consulting: Saratoga, N.Y. Phone: (518)232-3407 (texting unavailable) Voicemail: (518)773-4225
e-mail: mmconsulting06ATverizonDotNet www.mandmbusinessconsulting.com

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